Privacy policy and personal data protection—

MILYANLASHES EUROPE is responsible for the processing of personal data collected by the site MilyanLashesOnline, as well, MILYANLASHES EUROPE is committed to protecting the privacy of users during your visit to our Site.

What data do we collect?

The data that you provide to us voluntarily.

To register, fill in a form to make an order, or modify the data of your user account, MILYANLASHES EUROPE collects personal information relating to you that you have accepted to communicate to us.

The personal information mainly includes your email address and your password, as well as related information with you, in particular the surname, first name, date of birth, phone numbers, postal mailing address, and e-mail, as well as the comments that you can leave on the Site.

When you provide us with information related to your bank card, we suggest you register your data to facilitate future transactions that you can perform on the Site . In case you agree, you will retain only the expiration date of your bank card, as well as an id of the bank transaction. This information may be used to perform a subsequent payment through our secure payment platform.

You can also share your data through Facebook when you have expressly consented to associate his user account on the web site with your user account of Facebook at the time of registering on the Site, using Facebook Connect.

Your browsing data

When you browse the Site, MILYANLASHES EUROPE collects data related to your browsing session. So, collect your browsing history on the Site: pages visited, searches made, purchase orders, budget requests, and clicks on the offers.

When you browse the Site, MILYANLASHES EUROPE associated your device with a unique identifier and collect information linked to the browser or operating system you use (Apple or Android), as well as its version.

MILYANLASHES EUROPE also uses cookies to store data and access them (for more information, see the section What is our policy on cookies).

What we do with your data?

The collected personal data related to you receive a computer processing with the following purposes:

Processing of your order

When you have placed an order on our site, the personal data indispensable are processed with the aim to conduct a follow-up of the relationship with the client, manage the order, as well as for the accounting needs of MILYANLASHES EUROPE (their bills).

Sending of communications relating to the service proposed by MILYANLASHES EUROPE :

MILYANLASHES EUROPE sends several types of emails:

Emails relating to your order: confirmation, incidents, satisfaction survey.

Newsletter. You have the possibility to manage the frequency of sending in your account on the Site

Emails: welcome, information, related to their cycle of activity or inactivity, on the latest developments MILYANLASHES EUROPE and its advantages as a member

Personalized emails: for more information, see the section "Customizing and optimizing your experience".

To facilitate access to the services of MILYANLASHES EUROPE , will be able to connect automatically to your member account by clicking directly on the content of the emails that we send to you. For this reason, you should be cautious when you send an e-mail to a third person, as this could have access to information reserved to your account.

In all the communications that are sent there is an unsubscribe link, with the goal of providing you with the possibility to stop receiving messages at any time.

Customization and optimization of your experience

Thanks to the analysis of your browsing data and indications that we have provided on the Site, we may send you email messages or messages personalised advertisements related to the services offered by MILYANLASHES EUROPE , with the aim of proposing products and services that can match best with your searches, and relating to the functionalities that we offer on the Site.

The study of data related to your visits to the Site allows us to improve the service that we propose to you when you navigate to: thanks to these analysis, we can propose the deals most suitable for you taking into account your preferences.

Statistical analysis

The data of your orders are used to establish statistical analysis that allow us to direct the commercial activity of MILYANLASHES EUROPE

Do we share your data with third parties?

Their data are shared with the suppliers related with your order so this can be done without problem.

In this context, your personal data may be transferred outside the European Economic area.

Some countries may ensure a level of protection of their personal data less than the guaranteed in Europe. In this case, MILYANLASHES EUROPE undertakes to take all necessary measures to ensure the protection and the treatment of your personal data by our suppliers in accordance with the legislation, particularly, through the application of standard contractual clauses on data protection approved by the European Commission or of contractual clauses previously approved by the competent control authorities.

How long do we keep your data?

The personal data you communicate to us and that are related to your account, as well as their navigation data, are kept for a period of 5 years from the date of last activity performed on the Site or the date of completion of your last order.

At the end of this period, your member account will be automatically disabled, and you must create a new account if you want to use our services.

What is our policy on cookies?

Policy use of cookies on the Site: cookies policy MILYANLASHES EUROPE informs about the functioning and purpose of the cookies used by MILYANLASHES EUROPE tells you how to manage your preferences in regards to cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie (or cookie) is a piece of data that is stored on your computer, tablet or mobile when you browse the Internet. Cookies allow the site to recognize your browser. They are primarily used to retain in memory their preferences. Don't pose any harm to your device. Allow, for example, to customize the content that you see. Of course, you have the possibility to disable or prevent the placement of such cookies (see the "help" section of your Internet browser to configure these features).

How do they work?

When you browse the site, you authorize us, through a cookie consent, to collect data from your browsing. These data are then used to propose the best deals that they can respond to their demands or directly on the site or through the sending of newsletters.

The data from these cookies can be stored for up to 5 years. Remember that you can delete your cookies at any time (consult the "help" section of your Internet browser to configure these features).

Also, if you do not accept some cookies advertising, this does not mean that you no longer receive more publicity online. This implies simply that the advertising that you receive or view will not be based on their preferences and behavior of a user, it will be less directed at you.

What type of cookies uses MILYANLASHES EUROPE?

Technical Cookies: necessary for guaranteeing the correct operation of our service.

Functional Cookies: allow us to remember your preferences. They are not indispensable, but allow us to improve and tailor our content in function of what you expect.

Analytical Cookies: they are useful to observe the way in which you use and navigate the site. The data that we collect include mainly the pages that you query, opens and closes, the type of browser and device you use, as well as other data such as the number of clicks made on a particular page. These data collected are anonymous and do not reveal your identity.

Commercial Cookies: are used to display advertising of MILYANLASHES EUROPE or of third parties on other sites. This is what is called the "reorientation" (or retargeting, in English). It is built based on the navigation data collected and filters used during their searches on our site.

How to manage your cookie preferences?

You may authorize or refuse registration of cookies on your device by configuring your browsing software on the Internet. This setting varies according to the browsers. You can usually find detailed instructions in the Help menu of your browser or at the following links:

For Internet Explorer™ :

For Safari™ :

For Chrome™:

For Firefox™:

For Opera™:

You can also manage your preferences through the site Youronlinechoices proposed by professional digital advertising gathered at the european association EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance):

How do we protect your data?

MILYANLASHES EUROPE carries out all necessary technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against any access, modification, destruction or disclosure. To do this, we have implemented the following security measures:

Our computer network internal to our servers, as well as the Site, have technical measures that enable us to ensure the highest degree of security for your personal data.

In addition, we audit regularly our security measures, with the aim of ensuring their effectiveness.

Access to your personal data is strictly reserved to employees and subcontractors only within the necessary processing and for which you have given us your consent.

Any unlawful intrusion in our database causes an immediate alert and the implementation of the necessary actions.

How to access your data or request the deletion of your member account?

In accordance with the General Regulation of data Protection n.° 2016/679, you have the right to access, rectification or deletion of their personal data, the limitation of the processing of them, the opposition to this processing, and the portability of their data. To do this you can send your request by sending an email to

You also have the possibility of presenting a claim to the Spanish Agency of Data Protection, control authority in Spain.

If you want to delete your account MILYANLASHES EUROPE , please send us an e-mail by selecting the message type "Delete account".

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