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Fix your eyelashes with the lift while they're dyed. They're all advantages!

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International novelty for your eyelashes!

Wimpernwelle Introduces the new Binacil Lifting Black Box kit This new procedure helps in avoiding complex job steps to facilitate eyelash lifting treatment with PowerPads and dye, combining 2 treatments into 1.

Fix your eyelashes with the lift while they're dyed. They're all advantages!

The Binacil Lifting Black Box contains the following components:

- 24 pcs. Binacil GEL 3

- 2-in-1 mixing pad (contains mixing information)

- Black BINACIL eyelash tint

For the correct application we follow the steps below:

A) Place a Wimpernwelle GEL2 and GEL3 from the Binacil Lifting Black Box and 2cm from the Black Binacil eyelash dye over the space provided in the mixing pad. Mix it well.


If you try to dye the lower lashes at the same time:

- Lift the lower lashes on the protective pad with the orange stick.

- Make sure that the protective pad is gently in the correct position.

B) It is important for the customer to keep their eyes closed. Apply the dye mixture & fasten completely on all the upper lashes, and if desired, also on the lower ones. Exposure time: 10min.

C) Remove the entire mixture of the upper lashes with the binacil rod.

D) Then move the mixture of the lower lashes towards the protective PAD and remove the pad.

Wet the wiser with a cotton swab and remove the silicone pads, also from behind. Clean several times with wet pads with water and continue with lifting treatment.

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