Fluid Lamination professional Keratin - Wimpernwelle

Professional treatment with Keratin get it to revitalize the structure of the tabs

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Wimpernwelle professional Treatment with Keratin to achieve revitalize the structure of the tabs.

To keep lashes healthy and strong it needs a additional care, that's why the gels treatment Wimpernwelle contain substances high quality protector, since the chemical treatments such as dyes, perms and lifting, can damage the structure of the tabs .

Our fluid of lamination to get to fill our lashes damaged with our powerful keratin with what you get as a result lashes strong and shiny.

The main components are:

-Keratin-liquid, fill the tabs from the inside

-Silk proteins, smooth and coat the cuticle from the outside

-Wheat proteinscreate a protective layer on the eyelashes and provide a healing effect

-Panthenol, provides just the right moisture to the lashes

The content of the container is of 3ml. and 25 You of microcepillos for your application.


Fill in the tabs up and down with the microcepillos. Do not wash the area until a few hours later because the keratin is soluble in water and requires time to integrate. Can be applied after performing the services of lifting, a permanent and dye.

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