Lifting POWER PAD Kit, 24 Single Dose, Wimpernwelle

New worldwide, comes from Wimpernwelle eyelash lifting using POWER PAD 3D technology, this complete kit contains for lifting services, eyelash dye and rolling fluid.


New Worldwide, comes from Wimpernwelle eyelash lifting using POWER PAD 3D technology,this complete kit contains everything you need to perform lifting services.

The contents of the kit:

-24 single dose GEL 1

-24 single dose GEL 2

-2 You Power PAD Glues

-2 pcs. special glues

-1 application brush

-1 hypoallergenic medical tape

-4 POWER PAD pairs -XS-, 4 pairs -S- and 4 pairs -M-

- Customer brochures

- Poster "Lifintg"

-Step-by-step tutorial instructions with photos for a simple application.

The silicone POWER PAD has been developed to shape unique and 3D registered design capable of creating a perfect Wimpernwelle eyelash lifting effect:

The Power Pad is easy to place, because the back is preformed and corresponds to the natural shape of the eyelid. Since the lashes are shorter inland than to the outside, the front is also built asymmetrically: that's why there's a left Power Pad and a right Power Pad. To make it easier and more accurately placed, the bottom edge of the Power Pad follows the eyelid line. It adapts to the eye thanks to the soft and pleasant silicone to the skin with which it is made.

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