Professional Eyelash Extensions Kit Milyanlashes - 1
    Professional Eyelash Extensions Kit Milyanlashes - 2

    Professional Eyelash Extensions Kit

    Advanced professional kit of eyelash extensions, hair by hair or Russian volume.

    VAT excluded

    Professional Milyanlashes Eyelash Extension Kit

    - 3 BOXES of MILYANLASHES Premium Mink eyelash extensions, 16 lines per box.**

    - 1 und. black glue 5gr. "MilyanLashes Gold Premium" 1 second drying.

    - 1 und. First Booster "Milyanlashes" 15ml.

    - 1 und. Remover of extensions "MilyanLashes" 15ml.

    - 1 und. Transparent sealant MilyanLashes

    - 1 und. Extra-thin straight clamp, MilyanLashes

    -1 und. Extra-fine curved clamp, MilyanLashes

    - 1 Pack of 15 pairs of vitamin C pads and ALOE VERA EXTRACT MILYANLASHES

    - 1 und. 3M medical tape

    - 1 und. palette for Tab Extensions strips

    - Pack of 10 pallets for glue drop.

    - Pack of 100 microcepillos "MilyanLashes"

    - Pack of 10 mini chewing brushes.

    - Pack of 10 disposable applicators.

    - 1 und. Cleansing foam and application brush

    - 5 pcs. Disposable masks

    - 5 pcs. disposable hats

    - USB stick with videos step by step Eyelash extensions MilyanLashes with trainer Inna Milyan.

    **You can choose the sizes and curve you want for the 3 trays of extensions, write to us which in the note when ordering.

    The products of the Kit come properly suitable in a box for it. (see image)