Professional Eyelash Extensions Kit Milyanlashes - 1
    Professional Eyelash Extensions Kit Milyanlashes - 2

    Professional Eyelash Extensions Kit

    Advanced professional kit of eyelash extensions, hair by hair or Russian volume.

    VAT excluded

    Tab Extensions

    Cash On Delivery is available for the below mentioned carriers.

    NACEX 24H antes de las 20h

    NACEX 24H antes de las 12h

    Professional Milyanlashes Eyelash Extension Kit

    - 3 BOXES of MILYANLASHES Premium Mink eyelash extensions, 16 lines per box.**

    - 1 und. black glue 5gr. "MilyanLashes Gold Premium" 1 second drying.

    - 1 und. First Booster "Milyanlashes" 15ml.

    - 1 und. Remover of extensions "MilyanLashes" 15ml.

    - 1 und. Transparent sealant MilyanLashes

    - 1 und. Extra-thin straight clamp, MilyanLashes

    -1 und. Extra-fine curved clamp, MilyanLashes

    - 1 Pack of 15 pairs of vitamin C pads and ALOE VERA EXTRACT MILYANLASHES

    - 1 und. 3M medical tape

    - 1 und. palette for Tab Extensions strips

    - Pack of 10 pallets for glue drop.

    - Pack of 100 microcepillos "MilyanLashes"

    - Pack of 10 mini chewing brushes.

    - Pack of 10 disposable applicators.

    - 1 und. Cleansing foam and application brush

    - 5 pcs. Disposable masks

    - 5 pcs. disposable hats

    - USB stick with videos step by step Eyelash extensions MilyanLashes with trainer Inna Milyan.

    **You can choose the sizes and curve you want for the 3 trays of extensions, write to us which in the note when ordering.

    The products of the Kit come properly suitable in a box for it. (see image)


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